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March 2005 - Gas Pump Trivia #30 - by Scott Anderson


Gas Pump Trivia Question #29:

What U.S. oil company used a Wayne Cut #866 pump that featured a red, white, and
blue porcelain enamel door panel that also served as an advertising pump sign? (Hint: This company operated primarily in the Eastern U.S.A.)

Answer #28: The Atlantic Refining Company of Philadelphia, PA.

The correct answer this month was submitted by Kevin from Minnesota. Congratulations Kevin, we are sending you a $25 gift certificate from Scotty’s Garage/Time Passages, Ltd. for your effort. Thank you to everyone who submitted answers last month and please don’t give up – you could be out next lucky winner!

Gas Pump Trivia Question #30:

Name the correct model number of the clockface metered version of a Tokheim #36-B electric pump?

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