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PCM Back Issue Index 1997, 1998

Issue, Page Topic
Sep-98, 7 A/C Spark Plug Repro Sign
Jul-97, 16 Aero-Gas Globe
Jul-97, 16 Aladdin Sign
Mar-97, 18 Allstate Globes
Mar-97, 18 Allstate Pump Plates
Jan-98, 16 American Gas Pump Restoration
Nov-97, 16 Amoco Jobbers
Nov-98, 18 Amoco Station
Jan-97, 8 Anti-Freeze Cans
Nov-97, 17 Argentine Gas Pumps
Jul-97, 18 Aro Motor Fuels Globe
Nov-97, 16 Around the World Gasoline Globe
Nov-98, 18 Atlantic and Shell Station
Apr-97, 17 Auto Garage Globe
Jan-98, 17 Badges
Jun-98, 16 Bahorik Collection
Feb-98, 17 Baker Richfield Collection
Sep-97, 14 Barnsdall Advertising Items
Feb-97, 18 Beacon Die-Cut Repro Signs
Jul-97, 18 Beacon Oil Co. Globe
Feb-98, 7 Ben Franklin Ethyl Globe Repro
Jun-98, 17 Ben Franklin Globes
Feb-97, 17 Bennett Model 76 Pump Restoration
Dec-98, 14 Bennett Model 76 Pump Restoration
Oct-98, 16 Betholine Sinclair Sign
Nov-98, 14-15 Big Sky Swap Meet
Jun-98, 17 Billups Ethyl Premium Globe
Feb-98, 10 Bleakley Collection
Jul-97, 17 Blind Stroke Pump
Jul-97, 16 Blue Bell Gasoline Globe
Aug-98, 17 Bowser Cabinet Model Lubester
Aug-98, 16 Bowser Filling Station Cabinet
Oct-98, 12-13 Brand Collecting
Jun-97, 17 Brown's Products Globes
Jun-97, 18 Bruin Products Globe
Apr-97, 11 Buffalo Brand, Westland Oil Co.
Jul-97, 17 Calculating Pump
Dec-97, 14 Campbell's Classic Gas Bash
Dec-98, 18-19 Campbell's Classic Gas Bash
Oct-97, 17 Campeco Pyroil Neon Globe
Feb-98, 12-13 Can Collecting
Apr-98, 18 Can Collecting
Jul-98, 14-15 Can Collecting, Marine
Mar-97, 8 Can Collecting, Small
Mar-98, 17 Canfield Oil Thermometer
Jan-97, 8 Cans, Anti-Freeze
Sep-97, 16 Carter Salt & Pepper Shakers
Jul-97, 18 Cavalier Ethyl Oval Globe
May-98, 18 Central California Gas & Oil Meet
Sep-98, 18 Champlin Cans
Aug-98, 1 Champlin Gas Station
Aug-98, 13 Champlin Gas Station
Sep-98, 18 Champlin Globes
Aug-98, 13 Champlin History
Sep-98, 18 Champlin Signs
Jan-97, 10-11 Chicago Coin-Op Show
Jan-98, 10 Chicagoland Coin-Op Show
May-98, 19 Chicagolands Petroleum Plus, Inc. Show
Mar-98, 17 Cities Service Gas Station
Apr-98, 16 Cities Service Gas Station
Jul-98, 16 Cities Service Gas Station
May-97, 18 Cities Service Globe
Feb-97, 18 Cities Service Koolmotor Globes
Nov-98, 16 Clark Globes
Nov-98, 7 Clark Vacuum Formed Plastic Globe
Jul-97, 17 Clock Face Measuring Pump
Jun-98, 16 Collection, Bahorik
Feb-98, 17 Collection, Baker's Richfield
Feb-98, 10 Collection, Bleakley
Oct-97, 16 Collection, Miles Little
Feb-98, 17 Collection, Peyton
Jun-98, 18 Collection, Richardson
Jul-98, 17 Collection, Richardson
Mar-98, 17 Collection, Vinyard
Apr-97, 7 Collectors Auction Service Sale
Mar-98, 12 Collectors Auction Services
Aug-97, 10 Columbus Convention
Aug-98, 14-15 Columbus Convention
May-97, 18 Columbus Gasoline Globe
Dec-98, 15 Conoco Gasoline Sign
Feb-97, 7 Conoco Oil Can Rack
Mar-98, 16 Conoco Separator Oil Can
Aug-97, 17 Conoco Signs
Jul-97, 18 Co-Op Double Circle Globe
Jun-97, 16 Co-Op Sign
Nov-97, 16 Coreco Ethyl Globe
Jun-98, 32 Co-Service Oil Company
May-98, 17 Cresyl Pump Plate
Jul-98, 17 Crown Diesel Fuel Globe
Feb-98, 7 Crown Gold Globe Repro
Feb-97, 18 Crown, Gray
Aug-97, 16 Crystal Flash Globe
Apr-98, 18 Dakota Lubesters Gas Station Collectibles Show
May-97, 16 Dance Motor Oil Can
Aug-98, 15 Danciger Road Runner Globe
Feb-98, 7 Deep Rock Globe Repro
Jun-97, 20-21 Diesel Advertising
Dec-98, 12-13 Direct
Jul-97, 13-15 Discounter Stamp Books
Oct-97, 14-15 Dixie Gas
Oct-98, 14-15 Dixie Gas
Jan-97, 17 Dixie Keyhole Globes
Sep-98, 13 DX Boron Rocket Frame Globe
May-97, 16 Early Bird Motor Oil Can
Feb-98, 7 ECO Model 98 Tireflator Repros
May-98, 3 ECO Model 98 Tireflators
Oct-97, 16 Erickson Toy Truck
Jan-97, 16 Esso Marine Globe
Sep-97, 17 Esso Station, France
Nov-97, 8-9 Ethics and Integrity
Jul-98, 16 Exide Curb Sign
Feb-97, 17 Exxon/Hardees Combo Store
Sep-97, 18 Filling Station Restaurant
Jan-97, 16 Firestone Toy Gas Station
Feb-97, 11 Fish Bowl Globes
Feb-97, 8 Five Gallon Oil Cans
Dec-97, 15 Flying A Creed Sign
Mar-98, 16 Flying A Service Sign
Oct-98, 17 Flying A Station
May-97, 18 Ford Benzol Globe
Feb-97, 7 Fox Head Premium Motor Oil Can
Dec-97, 7 Frontier Globe
Aug-98, 15 Frontier Sign
Apr-97, 18 Fry Globes
Dec-97, 15 G&B Socony Pump Scale Model
Oct-97, 20 Galaxie/Reilly Oil Sign
Aug-97, 19 Gas Bash
Feb-97, 15 Gas Pump Plates
Nov-97, 17 Gas Pumps, Argentine
May-98, 13 Gasoline Globe Collecting
Aug-97, 8 Gasoline Logos
Jun-97, 18 Gasoline Perforated Globe
Jan-97, 18 General Motors-Standard Gasoline Sign
Feb-97, 11 Generic Globes
May-97, 16 Gilbarco 990 Pump
Nov-98, 16 Gilbert & Barker Model 67 Pump Restoration
Dec-97, 17 Gilbert & Barker Socony Pump Restoration
Apr-97, 9 Gill Body Globe
Apr-97, 16 Gilmore Concrete Lion
Feb-97, 20 Gilmore Globe
Mar-97, 16 Gilmore Patches
Jul-97, 18 Glacier Globe
Apr-97, 8-10 Glass Globe Bodies
Dec-98, 20-21 Globe Body Basics
May-98, 13 Globe Collecting
Nov-97, 10-11 Globe Lists
Apr-98, 14-15 Globe Pairs
May-97, 19 Globes, One Piece
Sep-97, 7 Golden Gopher Globe
Sep-97, 16 Goodman Oil Globe
Oct-98, 16 Goodrich Sign
May-97, 17 Goodrich Tire Sign, Canadian
Oct-98, 16 Goodyear Tires Sign
Nov-98, 3 Gulf Collectors Club
Nov-98, 7 Gulf Globe Repros
Jun-98, 16 Gulf Marine Signs
Dec-98, 17 Gulf Marine White Globe
Nov-98, 17 Gulf Neon Sign
Sep-97, 16 Gulf Reverse Disk Can
Sep-97, 17 Gulf Service Station
Nov-98, 18 Gulf Station
Mar-97, 20 Hancock "Cock O' the Walk" Globe
Apr-97, 7 Hancock "Cock O' the Walk" Globe
Mar-98, 16 Harbor Tetra-Ethyl Gasoline Sign
Jun-97, 9 Harmony Filling Station
Nov-98, 17 Havoline Wax Free Oil Rack
Jun-97, 20-21 Heating Fuels Advertising
Mar-98, 14 Heavy Duty Motor Oil Cans
May-98, 17 Hercules Pump Plates
Nov-98, 20 Hershey Swap Meet
Jun-98, 17 Home Town Globe
Jul-97, 10-11 Hoosier Petro Peddlers Swap Meet
Apr-97, 9 Hull Body Globe
Nov-98, 15 Husky Lighters
Dec-98, 17 Husky Gasoline Sign
Dec-97, 15 Husky Oil Cans
Dec-98, 15 Husky Sign
Jul-98, 12 Identifying Difficult Reproduction Globes
Jan-98, 17 Illico Globe
Feb-97, 16 Imperial Refineries Gas Station
Jul-97, 18 Imperial Stove Oil Globe
Nov-97, 14-15 Indianapolis Advertising Show
May-97, 8 Indianapolis Advertising Show & Collectors' Caravan
Jul-97, 7 Indianapolis Advertising Show & Collectors' Caravan
Nov-97, 8-9 Integrity and Ethics
Sep-97, 13-15 Iowa Gas
Sep-98, 14-18 Iowa Gas
Mar-97, 10 It's a Gas Show
Feb-97, 18 Jenney Factory Scene Globe
Jun-97, 18 Jeweled Globe Body
Jan-98, 16 Keesee Model 106 Visible Pump
Dec-97, 16 Keith Gasoline Globe
Nov-98, 17 Kendall Items
Dec-98, 16 Kentucky Maid Thrift Sign and Globe
Jun-97, 20-21 Kerosene Advertising
Dec-97, 15 Kyso Globes
Dec-98, 15 Lion Head Motor Oil Sign
Apr-98, 13 Lion Oil Signs
May-97, 17 Lion Signs
Jul-98, 16 Litening Fly Killer Can
Jun-97, 17 Litening Gasoline Sign
Apr-97, 11 Litening, Yale Oil Company
Oct-97, 16 Little, Miles Collection
Dec-97, 15 Magnolia Globe
Jun-97, 16 Maliset Gasoline Globe
Jun-97, 16 Marathon Gasoline Globe
Jul-98, 14-15 Marine Can Collecting
Oct-97, 8 Market Prices
Jun-98, 14-15 Mason Dixon Gas Bash
Nov-97, 18-19 Mass Gas
Jun-97, 19 Metal Framed Globes
Aug-98, 20-21 Michigan Petroleum Collectibles Show
Dec-97, 7 Mileage Gasoline Sign
Jul-97, 17 Mileage Motor Oil Sign
Oct-98, 20-21 Mobil Bottles
Sep-97, 9 Mobil Kerosene Lens
Aug-97, 16 Mobil Shield Signs
Mar-97, 17 Mobil-flame Bottled Gas Sign
Jun-98, 17 Mobiloil Dispenser
Nov-98, 16 Mobiloil Filpruf Bottles Sign
Aug-98, 16 Mobiloil Sign
Feb-97, 17 Mohawk Paperweight
Jan-97, 20 Mojave Oil Co Globe Repro
Oct-97, 7 Mojave Oil Globe Reproduction
Oct-97, 13 Most Significant Collectible
Jul-97, 8-9 Movie Props
Feb-98, 16 Mullally Addition
Mar-98, 18-19 Murphy USA Gas Station
Aug-97, 7 Musgo Globe Reproduction
Jan-97, 20 Mustang Gasoline Globe Repro
Oct-97, 7 Mustang Gasoline Globe Reproduction
Aug-98, 17 National A-38 Pump Restoration
May-97, 17 National A-38 pump, Sears
Sep-97, 17 National Automobile Museum
Aug-97, 17 National B-1 Pump
Jun-97, 16 National Duplex Gas Pump Restoration
Mar-98, 17 National Model A and A1 Pump Restorations
Jul-98, 18 Neon Globe Company
Apr-98, 16 North Star Globes
Dec-97, 14 Northland Auction and Advertising Show
Jun-97, 15 Ohio Gas
Jun-98, 13 Ohio Gas
Aug-97, 15 Oil Bottles
Oct-97, 18-19 Oil Bottles, Shell
Dec-97, 10-11 Oil Bottles, Wartime
Feb-97, 7 Oil Can Rack, Conoco
Feb-97, 8 Oil Cans, Five Gallon
Sep-97, 8-9 Oil City Swap Meet
Sep-98, 12-13 Oil City Swap Meet
Apr-97, 7 Oilzum Motor Oil Curb Sign
Apr-97, 18 Oilzum Tin Signs
Jun-98, 7 Oilzum Wood Framed Repro Sign
Nov-98, 7 Oilzum Wood-Framed Tin Repro Sign
May-97, 19 One Piece Globes
Feb-97, 10 Oregon Chief Gasoline Sign
Nov-98, 17 Outboard Motor Oil Containers
Jan-97, 17 Owens Pendragon Motor Oil
Mar-97, 7 Palmerino Auction
Jun-97, 5 Palmerino Auction
Jun-97, 18 Pan Am Globe
Feb-97, 10 Paper Moon Advertising Auction
Feb-97, 7 Paragon Oil Company Knife
Apr-98, 7 Paramount Pinnacle Globe
Dec-97, 17 Peerless Stages Bus Depot Sign
Apr-98, 16 Penn Aetna Sign
May-97, 18 Penn Drake Etched Globe
Aug-97, 17 Penn-Drake Globe
May-98, 17 Pennzip Ethyl Globe
May-98, 17 Pennzip Globe
Mar-97, 9 Pennzoil Motor Oil Curb Sign
Jul-97, 16 Penometer Gas Pumps
Nov-97, 16 Pep and Vico Sign
Oct-97, 17 Pepper Gasoline Sign
Apr-98, 17 Pepper Globes
Jun-97, 18 Perry Globe
Jul-97, 17 Perry's Fantasy Garage
Sep-97, 20-21 Personal FX: The Collectibles Show
Jun-98, 19 Petro-Palooza Show
Feb-98, 17 Peyton Collection
Jul-97, 18 Phillips 66 Flite Fuel Globe
Nov-97, 7 Phillips 66 Sign Reproduction
Feb-98, 7 Phillips Diesel Globe
Sep-97, 7 Phillips Pump Plate Reproductions
Jul-97, 19-20 Plastic Body Globes
Dec-97, 18 Polly Gas Items
Dec-98, 14-15 Portland Gas
Feb-97, 18 Power Ethyl Globe
Nov-98, 16 Powerlube "Stuff"
Mar-97, 17 Power-X Gasoline Globe
Jun-98, 17 Premier Marine White Globe
Aug-97, 16 Pugh Oil Sign
Jan-98, 16 Pump Restoration, American Gas
Dec-98, 14 Pump Restoration, Bennett Model 76
Nov-98, 16 Pump Restoration, Gilbert & Barker Model 67
Dec-97, 17 Pump Restoration, Gilbert & Barker Socony
Jun-97, 16 Pump Restoration, National Duplex
Jun-97, 16 Pump Restoration, Rapidayton 900
Nov-98, 15 Pump Restoration, Tokheim 850
Dec-97, 15 Pump Restoration, Tokheim 871
Jan-98, 17 Pump Restoration, Tokheim Short 39 with Texaco
Jan-98, 16 Pump Restoration, Wayne 60
Nov-98, 16 Pump Restoration, Wayne Model 800
Mar-98, 17 Pump Restorations, National Model A and A1
Jul-97, 17 Pump Restorations, Various
Oct-98, 17 Pure Cottage
Feb-97, 16 Pure Oil Promo Window Kit
Dec-98, 17 Pure Tiolene Flange Sign
Jun-97, 18 Purol Gasoline Globe
Nov-97, 17 Pyramid Globe
Feb-97, 7 Quaker State Sign
Jun-97, 18 Rainbow Gasoline Globe
Jun-97, 16 Rapidayton 900 Gas Pump Restoration
Dec-97, 7 Red Crown and White Crown Rectangular Pump Plates with "early" date Repro
May-97, 18 Red Crown Oval Globe
Jul-97, 18 Red Feather Globe
May-97, 18 Red Hat Etched Globe
Apr-97, 17 Red Indian Gasoline Globe
Jan-97, 20 Red Indian Globe Repro
Apr-97, 18 Red Indian Globe Repro
Jan-98, 7 Red or White Crown Pump Plate Repro
Oct-97, 15 Red Pepper Sign
Aug-97, 19 Reed's, Roy Gas Bash
Jul-98, 19 Reflections from a Non-Collector
Oct-97, 20 Reilly Oil Sign/Galaxie
Jul-98, 12 Reproduction Globes, Identifying
Sep-98, 20-21 Reproduction Logic
Jan-97, 20 Reproductions
May-98, 16 Rest Room Sign
Feb-97, 17 Restoration, Bennett Model 76 Pump
Jun-98, 18 Richardson Collection
Jul-98, 17 Richardson Collection
Apr-97, 7 Richfield Aviation Globe
Jun-98, 7 Richfield Branded Calendar Repros
Apr-97, 16 Richfield Building Sign
Feb-98, 17 Richfield Collection
Feb-98, 18 Richfield Ethyl Sign
Dec-98, 14 Richfield Pump Restoration
Mar-97, 16 Richlube Motor Oil Sign
Sep-97, 7 Ripple Globe Reproduction
May-97, 18 Roosevelt Globe
Feb-97, 18 Roxana Shell Repro
Jan-97, 21 Roxana Swap Meet Review
Aug-98, 18-19 Roy Reed's Gas Bash
Jul-98, 17 Royaline Hi-Test Upside Down Globe
Sep-97, 16 RPM Motor Oil Sign
Dec-97, 16 RPM Motor Oil Sign with Mickey Mouse
Jan-97, 20 Sareco Gasoline Globe Repro
Oct-97, 7 Sareco Gasoline Globe Reproduction
Dec-98, 16 Savings Brand Pump Plates
Jan-97, 20 Seaco Aviation Globe Repro
Oct-97, 7 Seaco Aviation Globe Reproduction
Jan-97, 20 Sears Allstate Toy Service Station Repro
Mar-97, 18 Sears Globes
May-97, 17 Sears National A-38 Pump
Oct-97, 17 Sears Oil Globes
Nov-98, 17 Sentinel Motor Oil Sign
Nov-97, 17 Service Station Equipment Company Pump
Oct-98, 16 Servolite Motor Oil Dispenser
Nov-98, 18 Shell and Atlantic Station
May-98, 17 Shell Double Flange Sign
May-97, 18 Shell Etched Letter Globe
Apr-98, 7 Shell Flange Sign Repro
Oct-97, 7 Shell Gasoline Globe Reproduction
Mar-98, 16 Shell Items
Oct-97, 18-19 Shell Oil Bottles
Aug-97, 13 Shell Reproductions
Jan-98, 16 Shell Sign
Nov-97, 7 Shell Sign Reproduction
May-97, 15 Shell Station Preservation
Jun-97, 31 Shell Station Preservation
Oct-98, 17 Signal Battery Display Stand
Mar-97, 16 Signal Purr-Pull Globe
Mar-97, 16 Signal Restroom Signs
Feb-97, 18 Silver Gas Ethyl Globe
Jun-97, 17 Simmons, Trevor Andrew
Sep-97, 16 Simplex Pump
May-97, 7 Sinclair Dino Pump Plate Repros
Apr-97, 16 Sinclair Farm Products Globe
Oct-97, 7 Sinclair Farm Products Pump Plate Repro
Apr-97, 16 Sinclair Gasolina Globe, Cuban
May-98, 16 Sinclair Secondary Sign
Oct-98, 17 Sinclair Station/Texaco Star Mart
Jun-98, 7 Sinclair Toy Dinosaur Repro
Dec-97, 16 Sinco Essence Globe
Jan-98, 16 Skelgas Sign
Dec-97, 18 Skelly Gas Station
May-97, 16 Skelly Glass Building Sign
Aug-97, 16 Smith Gasoline Sign
Sep-98, 7 Socony Motor Gasoline Repro Sign
Aug-98, 7 Socony Motor Oils Globe
Jun-97, 18 Socony Special Gasoline Globe
Feb-97, 18 Sohio Glass Thermometer
Apr-97, 18 Sohio Toy Repro
May-97, 14 South Florida Petro Meet
Dec-98, 16 Spartan Globes
Jun-97, 8 Spring Carlisle
Dec-98, 12-13 Spur Distributing Company
Apr-98, 17 Spur Gas Station
Jun-98, 32 Spur Gas Station
Nov-98, 4 Spur Station # 36
Jul-97, 13-15 Stamp Books
Jan-97, 20 Standard Crown Clear Glass Globe Repro
May-97, 18 Standard Crown Figural Globe
Jan-97, 18 Standard Gasoline-General Motors Sign
Sep-97, 16 Standard of CA Oil Sign
Mar-98, 13 Standard Oil Bottles
Mar-97, 17 Standard Oil Cast Plaque
Oct-97, 20 Standard Oil Metal Pail
Feb-97, 17 Standard Red Crown Paperweight
May-97, 18 Sterling Ethyl Globe
May-97, 7 Sterling Globe Reproduction
Jan-97, 15 Sterling Globes
Nov-98, 12-13 Stuckey's
Dec-98, 16 Sunoco Tokheim 36B Pump Top
Aug-97, 18 Sunray Clock
May-98, 17 Sunray DX Curb Sign
Jul-97, 18 Sunray Gasoline Globe
Dec-97, 16 Sunset Gasoline Sign
Apr-97, 18 Super Chevy Service Repro Sign
Aug-98, 17 Super Shell Globe, Unfinished
Jun-97, 17 Tailor Made Globe
Oct-97, 7 Texaco Aviation Reproduction
Jan-97, 17 Texaco Easy Pour Can Sign
May-97, 18 Texaco Etched Gasoline Globe
Oct-97, 16 Texaco Fire Chief Sign
Dec-98, 17 Texaco Grease Gun Rack
Apr-98, 7 Texaco Marine Lubricant Sign Repro
Oct-98, 7 Texaco Marine Lubricant Sign Repro
Apr-97, 18 Texaco Marine Lubricants Repro Sign
Oct-97, 7 Texaco Marine Lubricants Sign Repro
Feb-97, 10 Texaco Motor Oil Sign
Jun-98, 7 Texaco No Smoking Sign Repros
Jun-97, 7 Texaco Reproductions
Feb-98, 18 Texaco Salesman Sample Case
Jan-97, 7 Texaco Scottie Dogs
Oct-98, 16 Texaco Signs
Feb-97, 20 Texaco Sky Chief Sign
Apr-97, 7 Texaco Star Globe
Jun-98, 7 Texaco Station Attendant Giveaway Repros
Feb-97, 16 Texaco Whiskey Flask
Jun-97, 14 Texas Gas & Oil
Feb-98, 14 Thorpe Collection Auction
Dec-98, 16 Thrift, Kentucky Maid Sign and Globe
Dec-98, 17 Tiolene Flange Sign
Feb-98, 10 Tiwoser Gasoline Globe
Dec-98, 16 Tokheim 36 B Pump Top with Sunoco logotype
Mar-97, 20 Tokheim 850 Clock-Face Pump
Aug-98, 15 Tokheim 850 Dual Pump
Nov-98, 15 Tokheim 850 Pump Restoration
Dec-97, 15 Tokheim 871 Pump Restoration
Jan-97, 7 Tokheim Model 39 Clock Face Pump
Jan-98, 17 Tokheim Short 39 Pump Restoration with Texaco
Jun-97, 18 Triple Gasoline Globe
Jan-98, 7 Tydol Ethyl Pump Plate Repro
Feb-97, 18 U-Gas-Um Sign
Oct-98, 18 Union Gasoline Sign
May-97, 16 Union Oil Ethyl Globe
Aug-98, 15 Vacuum White Star Sign
Jul-97, 18 Valley Globe
Apr-97, 17 Valor Globe
Jan-97, 16 Veltex Globe
Dec-98, 17 Veltex Globes
Aug-97, 18 Veltex Pump Decal
Jul-97, 18 Vickers Plastic Square Globe
Nov-97, 16 Vico and Pep Sign
May-98, 14-15 Vic's Place Auction
Mar-98, 17 Vinyard Collection
May-97, 16 Visible Pump
Jul-97, 17 Visible Pump
Dec-97, 7 Visible Pumps, 12 gallon
Jul-97, 18 Wasatch Ethyl Globe
Jan-98, 16 Wayne 60 Pump Restoration
Apr-97, 15 Wayne 615 Pump
Nov-98, 16 Wayne Model 800 Pump Restoration
Apr-97, 11 Westland Oil Co., Buffalo Brand
May-97, 18 White Eagle Figural Globe
Jan-97, 20 William Penn Globe Insert Repro
Jan-97, 18 Wilshire Oil Company Sign
Oct-97, 15 Woco-Pep Sign
Apr-97, 11 Yale Litening Station
Jul-98, 16 Yale Oil Fly Killer Can
Jul-97, 17 Yellow-Knight Auto Signs
Oct-97, 20 Yellow-Knight Service Signs

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