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To enhance your knowledge about our hobby. Become a better buyer or seller, a more historically accurate gas pump restorer. Read just for the sheer enjoyment.

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Classified Ads
Place classified ads to sell your items, for wanted petroleum collectibles and even non-petro items. Ads go in the print version of PCM and PCM online.

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PCM Articles
In-depth articles about specific oil companies, oil cans, gas globes, repro alerts, swap meet reports, new discoveries, subscriber's "Bragline" photos and more

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Expert Appraisals and Reproduction Consultation Service
Insurance claims, shipper claims or peace of mind - $25 per item, call for quotes on large quantities or collections. "Our appraisals are nationally recognized."

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Specialty petroleum history, graphics and image library
Over 30,000 photographs. Need a photo of a specific logo, globe or image to complete your project? We probably have it - $50 and up. And historical research regarding petroleum marketing or petroleum collectibles

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